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Leech therapy

The rate of blood circulation and filtration decreases somewhere around 3-4 times at the age of 60-80 years, obviously also cellular regeneration, requiring increased blood pressure in the system.
If we could maintain high-speed circulation and filtration, we could maintain cell regeneration in the 1: 1 ratio (1 is born and 1 dies), so we could increase the time of the younger person, the quality of life, etc.
Thus, one of the curative factors of hirudotherapy (leech treatment) is the increase in the circulation and filtration rate of the blood. This happens not only by injecting hirudin by the leeches into the bloodstream but also by the ultrasound effect it generates during body fixation (40-250 kHz).
This is not a constant, but inconstant ultrasound, which leads to the increase of the effect by tens of times.