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About Us

HIRUDOVER SRL is a company specializing in the growth and reproduction of medicinal leeches (hirudo medicinalis) in captivity, in a controlled environment.
The leech farm is located in Codlea, Brasov County.
Leeches have been used for therapeutic purposes since antiquity due to their beneficial effects in maintaining human health, but the advance of modern medicine has mitigated their role and has increasingly limited their use. Even so are doctors are confident in the medical potential of leeches and the studies made by researchers have shown that in leech's saliva there are substances that can not be reproduced in the laboratory.


The biolaboratory is equipped with temperature and humidity control systems, with a hygienic laboratory and has an annual production capacity of more than 250,000 leeches.
The biolaboratory was founded in 2016 and currently produces over 150,000 annual examples that are valued both on the domestic market and on the international market, which makes the production grow annually.
The leeches we sell come from a batch of reproductive mothers purchased from the medical leeches farm of Bioapimed -sv SRL and we receive the approval of the Romanian Academy for their marketing on a yearly basis.
The company is registered at M.M.S.C. and is granted CITES export-on-demand facilities for non-EU customers.
The company is veterinarian certified and registered / validated as an exporter of live animals, being issued International Livestock Health Certificates with TRACES approved number by ANSVSA Bucharest.
HIRUDOVER SRL from Brasov is managed by Veronica Burga, a specialist in the growth and reproduction of medicinal leeches in captivity, with an experience in the field of over 12 years.
The leeches produced by us are certified and are suitable for use in hirudotherapy.